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Information Articles

Read the Best information on everything solar and outdoor. We have everything on this site to get you started in solar, or point you in the right direction if you are feeling overwhelmed and lost.

You can find articles explaining:
- Best Solar deep cycle batteries to use
- Different types of solar batteries
- Find out how solar actually works
- How to test your solar panel
- and many more...

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Product Review Articles

If you are looking a particular product but are unsure of what to look for to ensure it is quality, then we have the answer for you.

We have reviewed many solar and outdoor products. In each of our review articles we guide through exactly what to look for, and exactly what to avoid to ensure you get a top notch product for a great price.

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To Help People

I am a passionate outdoor adventurer and solar enthusiast. I am a self taught solar enthusiast, meaning, I made my fair share of mistakes and cost myself a lot of money along the way.

By making these mistakes and doing countless hours of research, I now build fully functional off grid solar systems that I take with me where ever I go.

Now, I enjoy putting my knowledge into information articles for everyone to enjoy. Now instead of people making their own mistakes and costing themselves money, they can find everything they need right here at Best Solar and Outdoor.

About The Author

off grid solar

Aaron grant

Creator of BestSolarandOutdoor.com

Behind every great blog is usually someone who runs it all.

That is me, Aaron Grant.

I am a passionate outdoor adventurer. Any place I adventure to, I always have a quality Off Grid Solar System with me.

I also love creating informative articles with up to date information that you can use.